Originally Posted November 13, 2004

I just have to share something with you today because I want you to know that we are no different than any of you.

Bill and I volunteered to speak at today's company training (school) as well as last month's training. My reason for this is, we're practicing for the big one. Our plans, our vision and our goals have grown tremendously over the last few years and especially months, and we know we're going to go through some tremendous growth in our business over the next several months and we understand we need to grow personally along with that financial growth.

Today, at the school, we were introduced as Newly Qualified Millionaire Team Members Bill & Karen Umstattd.

I remember when we started our business, Chris Carley, our upline (Chairmans Club member) was just at Millionaire Team. I remember watching her growth both financially and personally. I remember when she bought her first million dollar house in Malibu. Bill and I were there and stayed over night in that house. I remember when Chris was awarded a bonus for being the #1 distributor in our company and for having the highest royalty check.

I remember, when Chris was growing in her business, we felt intimidated by her growth. Why? I don't know. Never before knew anyone who did what she did and never before knew a millionaire. We felt she was a special person (which she is) and one who couldn't be bothered with "little ol me".

I remember calling Chris recently asking for help and Chris was there, doing everything and anything in her power to help us, and to listen to and support us. I remember thinking, "she's just like us".

I remember the first time we met Mark Hughes. It was on Miami Beach at a company Beach Party. I'll never forget Mark looking us straight in the eyes saying, "Thank you for coming". I remember thinking, WOW! I remember the overwhelming feeling of Mark thanking us and feeling over joyed, knowing that he was just a distributor, just like us.

I remember meeting multi millionaire Leslie Stanford (another up/up line of ours) at our Orlando training about a year ago and putting her up on a pedestal as well. I remember thinking she wouldn't know me, care about me, who am I anyway.

I remember our first live conversation with Leslie just a few months ago when we called her for help. She responded and our conversation was as if we had been friends for ever.

At today's training, being introduced as NEW Millionaire Team Members, it felt so weird. It's hard to explain because yes, we are now fully qualified for that pin level but as far as who we are, we are still the same people. Nothing about us has changed nor will it ever change.

I was talking to someone side line who's local to us and she made a comment about how hard it would be for her to speak in front of us or another local Top Team member and I asked her why and she said, "Because you're bigger than me!" Again, weird!

I gave her a hard time (because I like her and we're friends) and told her I'm no different than she is. I'm a stay at home mom just like her! I'm also nervous about speaking just as much as she is but I know I want to develop myself so I committed to doing it locally to get myself comfortable.

Four other different distributorships came up to me throughout the day and asked me for help. Asked me for my secret and for some tips. I listened to each of them individually and gave them what I could but the one thing they all wanted to know was, how did we do it. How did we make it to Millionaire team, and so quickly.

I told them, if you really want to know, here it is.

All I know is,
Mark Told us never ever ever quit
And Jim Rohn told us, work harder on yourself than you do your business.

Then I asked each one individually, did you ever read
The Greatest Networker In The World?

To my surprise, each one never heard of the book, but they wanted to know more. So I shared my secret with each one of them and I know that they will be the only one's to decide what to do with my secret. And now, I am going to share it with you.


That's it! That's my secret. That's my life www.greatestnetworker.com/karen

That's where I grew up in NWM. And that's what I largely attribute to my success and what got us to where we are today. www.greatestnetworker.com/karen I live here and my doors are always open. Feel free to come inside and visit anytime. Meet my friends, say hello some time. We'd all be glad to welcome you. And don't be afraid, we're no different than you are. v I'm still a stay at home Mom, just like I was 10 years ago!

I am
Karen Umstattd
Home Based Business Consultant
"Hakuna Matata"